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These are the months out of the year for each season that we have the most abundant of flowers.

Thanks to our generous subtropical climate we often have the growing seasons overlap. We love to combine (photos above) summer blooming flowers like Celosia and Sunnies with fall blooming Chrysanthemums in our arrangements.

Want  to get your hands on our flowers?
We have three options:

1. Garden's Choice
By The Bucket


Perfect for weddings and events!

Perfect for DIY weddings and events.  
This is also a great option for those looking to give playing and arranging flowers a go!

How it works:

Buckets come in a mix of seasonal specialty cut flowers and herbs. 

Depending on the month here in New Orleans, we can provide what our weather will allow. 
Which means this option is based on what will be blooming at and around the time that you inquire. 

Due to the nature of our climate we can not promise certain varieties,
colors and stem lengths of the flowers
and herbs that will be in each bucket.

Buckets include anywhere from 60-80 stems at $80, depending on the stem and flower type/size.

Pick up location is at Piety and Desire Chocolate,
2727 S Broad on Thursdays from 11-5pm.
Need a delivery? We add an additional fee—price depending on your area code. 

To reserve your flowers send us your inquiry and we will be in touch within the week.

We highly suggest reserving the bucket at least two weeks in advance from when you will need them.

2. Flower Share

Similar to a subscription. 
This option is great if you're looking for a bundle of fresh flowers weekly
for your home, office, work place or to simply gift to someone else.
This is for pick up only at Piety and Desire Chocolate, 2727 S Broad on Thursdays from 12-6pm.

How it works:

Each season we share our abundant harvest to the public. 
Our flower share runs 4 weeks at $100.

By reserving your flowers in the form of our flower share, you are able to support us in ensuring that our investments go right back into the garden for the following season.
Please keep in mind that we do have a limited amount of slots per season.

Step 1: Choose the month/season you'd like to receive your flower share at least a month prior.

Step 2: Pay in advance. (Payment options will be sent via the email response)

Step 3: Wait for date announcements for your chosen months.

Step 4: : Pick up on Thursdays each week and enjoy your locally grown fresh flowers!


3. Special Arrangement

Arrangements come in an upcycled vase.

Photo coming soon..

Special arrangements start at $50.

Pick up is at Piety and Desire Chocolate on Thursdays from 12-6pm.
 There is a $15 delivery fee depending on your area code. 

We recommend that you reserve your order at least 1 week in advance from when you'd need them.

For Florists and Event Planners with a Florist License and/or Resale Certificate
please message us for our wholesale prices.


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